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21-Oct-2017 19:50

Here is a new commerical for Blue Bloods: Tickets for Jordan's show in San Antonio are now on sale.

"One for the Road" is the final episode of the American television series Cheers.

The following day, Cliff wants to be promoted by the head of the postal department, Marty Feldman, who often hires his own relatives rather than hard-working employees by merit, like Cliff. Then Diane arrives with her "husband" Reed (Mark Harelik), surprising Sam.

Sam uses Rebecca, who is grieving her love loss, as his pretend wife.

Diane calls Sam at the bar to thank him for the congratulatory telegram he sent earlier.

Diane accepts Sam's invitation to return to Boston, but Sam reveals to Norm that he doubts her confirmation. Rebecca arrives an emotional mess in the same dress she wore the previous day.

The episode ran for 98 minutes, including commercials, when it was originally broadcast.

In syndicated and online reruns, this episode was split into three parts, but the DVD release has the original, uncut version.

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Frasier Crane helps Woody Boyd write Woody's political speech. Cliff Clavin wants to be promoted by the Post Office.

Carla Tortelli (Rhea Perlman) has gone through husbands and flings and is currently a single mother.

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