Dating s w model 10

10-Sep-2018 05:04

Except on relatively new guns, this usually is not the serial number and is unhelpful in identifying the handgun.

Prior to WWII, S&W revolvers had no letter in front of the serial number. Other models did not get letter prefixes until the early 1960s.

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If you are unsure of the model name, you should describe the gun with as much detail as you can provide. Sometimes it is necessary to remove the stocks before you can see this number.The Numbered Model Revolvers are the models introduced or continued after that date, and are easily identified by the model number stamped on the side of the frame, visible when the cylinder is open. Sal Raimondi, Jim Supica, Rick Nahas, and Roy Jinks, the S&W Historian, for their updates and valuable contributions.