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22-Feb-2018 03:48

The logic employed privileges one kind of subjectivity over another and contradicts its own standard.

In order to remove the other or the perspective you disagree with, you portray them as a threat and create the most uncharitable picture possible of them.

However, the double standard of most university contexts will mean that cases of discrimination against Christians will not be treated with the same severe consequences as when one's sexual orientation is involved.

Universities will have to confront cultural power and make unpopular decisions if they want to retain an environment that is truly safe for all, including Christians, to share their faith respectfully. We now live in an age where there are new minorities in the wealthy, educated west, including at Oxford.

Christians are perceived as the enemy, when the reality is every single Christian I know in Oxford loves LGBTQI people.

In fact, though the church I attend is nestled in a college town and lists over 120 single adults in ...By many in the gay community we are looked down upon for being Christian.