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Mice recovered can be used to establish a dedicated colony to contractually supply you mice according to your requirements. Terms are granted by individual review and stated on the customer invoice(s) and account statement. The Jackson Laboratory has rigorous genetic quality control and mutant gene genotyping programs to ensure the genetic background of JAX® Mice strains as well as the genotypes of strains with identified molecular mutations.

JAX® Mice strains are only made available to researchers after meeting our standards.

An optimized internal ribosome entry sequence (IRES) fused to cre recombinase followed by a neomycin resistance cassette flanked FRT sites was inserted after the Ch AT stop codon in BAC (b MQ185k21) using homologous recombination in bacteria.

A genomic Ch AT fragment with 4kb homology arms on either side of the IRES-Cre insertion site was lifted out from the BAC using reverse recombineering techniques and transformed into ES cells.

Of note, the same Ch AT-IRES-Cre knock-in allele is also available as C57BL/6N-congenic (Stock No. An "IRES-Cre" sequence is inserted downstream of the stop codon such that cre expression is controlled by the endogenous Chat gene promoter. Cre recombinase activity is reported in all cholinergic neurons.

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If a second recovery is required to produce the minimum number of animals, then delivery time would increase to approximately 25 weeks.If we fail to produce animals of the correct genotype, you will not be charged.